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Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford – A Review

Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford – My experience

Scott Veterinary Clinic was recommended to us by local pet owners as soon as we moved to Bedford in 1993. We have been using them ever since. Whatever changes have happened in terms of staff etc we have had consistent quality of care.

When Lio our Labrador was a pup he would try to eat just about anything, whether food or not. In his first couple of months he swallowed a pebble while walking at Priory Country Park and a very  sharp rib bone from a discarded takeaway. On both occasions he required surgery, once for obstruction and once for internal damage. In both cases Scott Veterinary Clinic provided excellent, prompt advice and intervention. They talked us through all options and explained how to use our pet insurance. Thank goodness we had taken out decent cover!

We always felt that Lio somehow knew when we were going to the vet. It’s also strange how he sensed when we were going away on holiday leaving him home with family. He was always different in the car on the journey to the vet. Once there however we seemed happy and curious to meet whichever vets and nurses we saw. The response on phone for advice and appointments has always been quick, calm and appropriate to level of need. Reception staff have always been very warm, friendly and helpful.

Scott Veterinary Clinic – An honest vet good with all pets

When Lio was 14 and getting weak on his legs etc we had some difficult decisions to make. In his last 6 months we had to think about options for levels of investigation. Scott Veterinary Clinic were very balanced and honest about the realities of real benefits of these and the costs involved. Importantly we never felt pressure to do anything expensive which would have limited potential to help our lovely boy. We have attended with lots of smaller pets owned by the children and of course with our cats over the years. As a convenient local service (Goldington Road) we have no hesitation in recommending them. We benefited hugely from having consistent and familiar people and environment for Lio. All his needs were met from his first injections as a puppy all the way through his development, adventures and scrapes as a wonderful family dog.


If you are new to Bedford or a new pet owner looking for a vet why not click here to see their website. Another great thing about them is that they are a 24 hour vets, perfect for emergency care during the night.

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