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Cruciate Ligament Disease in Labradors

Cruciate Ligament Disease in Dogs

Cruciate Ligament Disease in dogs is also known as Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease and is sometimes abbreviated to (CCL) or (CrCL). It’s essentially the same as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in humans. However whereas in humans the causes are usually sudden and often the result of sporting activity, in dogs it tends to be gradual.

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Puppy (Vets & Vaccinations)

New Puppy – Vets, vaccinations and vexations!

Helping you and your new puppy to get off to a happy, healthy start. This is a basic guide and includes reflections on our experiences with Lio as a pup. I include information about vet registration, vaccinations, minimising stress for dogs, and avoiding the dreaded flea. Choosing your Veterinary Practice I have written about Scott

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Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot

With the instances of Alabama Rot on the increase I thought I would do an article for dog owners. The exact cause of Alabama Rot is still unknown and it proves fatal in 70-80% of dogs that contract it. We look at the latest advice and research in the hope that it could help save

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Scott Veterinary Clinic

Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford – A Review

Scott Veterinary Clinic Bedford – My experience Scott Veterinary Clinic was recommended to us by local pet owners as soon as we moved to Bedford in 1993. We have been using them ever since. Whatever changes have happened in terms of staff etc we have had consistent quality of care. When Lio our Labrador was

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