Bedford Park

Bedford Park – A Review

Bedford Park has much to be recommended for dog walking. It was a regular favourite with my Lio from when he was a pup.

Bedford Park – Introduction

Parking is a slight issue as you need to pay at the Robinson Pool car park and Park Avenue. It is easy however just to park on St Andrews Road, St Augustines, and Pemberley Avenue for free. You then cross Park Avenue and either go through main entrance or cut through paths in the trees.

The terrain at Bedford Park is nicely varied. It gives dogs lots of options for sniffing about in the trees and bushes, playing ball in the 2 huge open field areas or staying on the path to do a leisurely loop around the whole perimeter. When Lio was older we had option of doing half the park by using the Pavillion pathway which divide the park quite centrally.

The Pavilion Café has been a hugely welcome success for families, cyclists, and dog walkers since being revamped a few years ago. It is a quality central meeting point for food and refreshments. There are book groups, knitting groups etc there too. The café is dog friendly at the outside tables and you often see dogs interacting happily with new friends there.

Bedford Park – Busier at weekends

Weekdays  are generally quiet at Bedford park. It’s very easy to relax and enjoy the sense of space in any season, year round. There are some lovely regular morning walkers who interact or join up. Some have known each other for years and I was given some great advice and support when taking Lio out as my first Labrador pup. The park is very clean, safe and well maintained, and includes plenty of dog poo bins. It is well contained and relatively secure. I never worried about Lio escaping even when he was at his poorest in terms of recall as a pup.

As a family we used to give Lio a good long walk and play. The kids could use the two play parks, play tennis or basketball at the enclosed courts, football or cricket in the fields etc. There is always an ice cream van at the main entrance too.

The large pond has a fountain and lots of ducks and other wildlife. Dog walkers with young dogs should note that it’s not water that you would want a dog to jump into. It can be a bit pongy and also not easy to get out of. Lio was a nightmare stealing bread the families were trying to feed ducks too. There are two lots of toilets near each play park.

Bedford Park – In Summary

Bedford Park is a really good asset for all in Bedford and a good place for dog walking. It can however be busy sunny afternoons in the school holidays. If you want your dog off lead without encountering too many unpredictable dogs or other distractions, look elsewhere. Lio was a very embarrassing picnic botherer in his youth!

On a sunny Saturday I used to sometimes take him round then head down the High Street in Bedford with him. We would then go through the fruit and veg market, over the town bridge and walk along south side of Embankment , through Longholme, over the Victorian bridge then up to Castle Road shops or pub.

If you are looking for more places to walk your dog in Bedford why not read my blog post about Priory Country Park.

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  1. Good review Iain. I hear it’s a great place to walk dogs. Shame that some of the Bedford Park parking is chargeable but I guess this is the price we have to pay. Bedford Park Pavilion looks like a nice place for refreshments, especially the outside tables in good weather which I believe are dog friendly.

    I’m told there are a number of good Bedford Park events too, music events especially. Some well know pop and rock bands have played there previously and this coming summer they have some classical Proms.

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